Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hello Critters!

Hello Critters in the Classroom Friends,

I have enjoyed following this blog since it started and I have learned a lot about the different critters in the classrooms of the teachers who post their experiences here. I was very excited to be invited to contribute to this blog as well.

I am from the Little Miss Kindergarten blog. And I really wanted a place to be able to feature my true love of Science with young children and all of our critter capers, so I decided to start another blog... Little Miss Hypothesis. This is where I share my Science fun and anything related to critters. I was fortunate enough to have Petsmart sponsor classroom critters for me last year. Last year in my classroom I had fish, snails, crabs, frogs, worms and butterflies. I was determined to have critters that didn't have fur or feathers. We only had the worms and butterflies for a while before we set them free but our fish, snails, frogs and crabs are with us all year! These critters have provided my class with tons of observation opportunities and tons of notebooking opportunities too. I am trying to decide what critters I will add this year. What do you suggest?


  1. I enjoyed having Hermit Crabs. Is the kind of crab you had in your classroom?

  2. I also love classroom pets. Due to allergies, I prefer the ones w/o fur and feathers too. The worst year I ever had was the year I was in the same building as our school science lab. She had birds, a rabbit, hamsters, and a couple of guine pigs. I stayed sick all year. In my classroom I have stuck to fish, bugs, tadpoles, frogs, and our class favoreite is George (the red slider turtle). a different student gets to feed him each week and turn on his light. I wondered how you got Petsmart to sponser or donate anything? The one in our town was very stingy when I asked them to help us set up a pet area in my classroom and only donated on small heat lamp..


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