Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ants in the Class!

Our science curriculum includes a study on ants.  I create a whole ant unit and I am sharing these sample activities with you.  Click the pictures below to download the freebies. 

My entire Ant Unit is available on TpT.  Out of all the critters I have had in my classroom, ants are my least favorite.  They were really cool to watch, though.   Click {here} to read about my ant wrangling adventures. 

I highly recommend the gel ant farm over the sand one.  My only issue with it was that you have to open it every few days to get fresh air into the farm.  I have no clue why they did not make air holes, but the gel ant farm was so much easier to get the ants into.  
My very creative co-workers came up with the ideas for ant faces on the bodies and the "If I Were an Ant" writing prompts.  One of my students wrote, "If I were an ant, a candle would seem like an inferno."  
The page toppers for the "Dear Ant Bully" persuasive letters were inspired by the teachers at Peace, Love, and Kindergarten.  I have included the activity and tracers {here} for free!

Click the cover below to check out my Ant Unit on TpT!


  1. Love! We are adding ants and crickets to our life cycles kit next year! can't wait to raise my own food for the other critters! haha!


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