Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Introduction to Squeaky the Rat

Hello Critter Lovers!!
My name is Heather Byers and I'm the author of The Busy Busy Hive blog.  I am so excited to be able to share on this wonderful blog.  I {Puffy} Heart animals, especially ones in the classroom.  I have an unusual pet in my classroom { at least my kiddos' parents think so}.  I have a pet rat.
I think it's his tail that sets people off to rats.  Squeaky is my 3rd classroom pet rat.  He loves to snuggle, be held and he acts a lot like a cat.
I was first intoduced to rats as classroom pets when I was teaching 5th grade my 1st year as a teacher.
My partner teacher had 13 rats {yep 13 that wasn't a typo}as pets in her classroom.  She also talked about how calm and wonderful they were as pets and the kids loved them.  That year I had gerbils and hamsters as class pets.  Needless to say both of those types were not my ideal pet.  The gerbils were too fast to handle and the hamsters kept escaping out of their cage.  Not that hamsters and gerbils don't make good pets.  They just weren't the right ones for me and my classroom.  When I started teaching 1st grade I decided to try a pet rat.  I had found my ideal classroom pet.  I will probably always have a rat in my classroom now. 

pet rat
Squeaky eating his snack.
His favorite part  of the day is snack time.  He always ends up with some banana or apple from someone's snack.  Squeaky is quiet and very good with the kids.  My own kids love it when its Spring break or Summer Vacation because they know that Squeaky will be home.
Do you have anything good to eat?
Thank you for reading this little intro to Squeaky.
Squeaky and I look forward to sharing even more
about our classroom adventures and happenings in the future.

Friday, March 22, 2013

C&C Guinea Pig Cages

 My guinea pigs, Daisy and Chrysanthemum,  live in a huge C & C cage.  You can purchase them on the Guinea Pig Cages Store website or read about how to make them on Cavy Spirit's Guinea Pig Cages website.

Yes, that is a litter box in the corner and yes they use it!  They don't use it like a cat would.  They really just use it because it is in the corner they want to use as a bathroom.  The trick is to put something they would not want to defecate on in the other corners.  This "trains" them to go in the litter box.  I place the houses, food, and water bottle in the other cornes.  I use basic non-clumping cat litter for the litter box.   Guinea pigs do not jump, so they do not need a lid on the cage.  They do climb or hop on top of their houses.  The cage is still high enough that they cannot get out.  

I use Carefresh Natural Pet Bedding to fill the cage.  Before I place the bedding in the cage, I line the cage with chart paper.  This makes it easier to clean at the end of the week.  I also use a dust pan to get out the old bedding.  

I hope you liked this peak at my piggies' palace!  You must check out some of the creations people have made!  This lady has a guinea pig room...those pigs are living the life!