Thursday, October 3, 2013

up close and personal with our insects

Hey! It's Rachel from the tattooed teacher and I have the best tool to share with y'all today.
It's a microscope, but it connects to my computer through a USB cord (so you could connect to other things as well, I just don't have any other things!)
it's called the Digital Blue microscope. It's probably not the greatest microscope in the world, but I love that I can take photos, video, and the scope is removable for looking at things that I may not want to pick up! No, I'm not reviewing this baby! It was inherited with my room, but it's awesome! I found a few online!

Here are some of our pics from this week! Some were alive, others 

feel free to use any of these with your students!

It's also kinda fun to look at other things too! and completely kid friendly!

We've also had plenty of other life cycle fun with my Intro to Insects unit and Mealworms on Parade!!
takin notes on insect activity while it's still nice and warm!

found lots of insects in the neglected garden!

Wednesday we released our painted lady butterflies. This one wanted to stay!

I love this! We made birth certificates for our mealworms and he even made their little habitat!

If you are looking for lots of fun with insect life cycles that's super hands-on, try these!

and tomorrow we are using Cara's Hey Little Ant writing activity. We have an early release at lunch so it better take hours! 

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