Saturday, April 20, 2013

Praying Mantis Egg **Update**

Picture a classroom of 24 first graders.
They are completing their Phonics work and then head out to the restroom.  As they trickle back into the room they see 3 of their classmates with huge grins and sparkly eyes.  The children are trying not to laugh and their teacher {me} keeps telling them not to tell the secret until everyone is back in the room.  Once all the students are back at their seats a few have already noticed what the secret is and are as excited as the other few kids.  Can you imagine what the room looks like and sounds like with 24 first graders once they realise that their Praying Mantis egg casing has hatched?  Well let me tell ya the office down the hall probably could hear us. 

We didn't have as many nymphs as we have had in the past with these but we still had a lot.  We kept them 2 days and then took them outside to release them around the school.  A few of them refused to come out of the bag so I took those home to have my husband release.

I always have one of these at home with my own kids to observe and we were lucky that it hatched yesterday.  We actually got to watch the nymphs swarm out of the casing.   At first I thought they were dead but it didn't take long and they were running and jumping all over the sides of the netting. Sorry the picture isn't very clear but here they are as they are coming out of the egg.

Where do you get one of these wonderful egg casing?
I'm glad you asked:)
I buy mine from Insect Lore.  I love this site.  I have bought several Praying Mantis eggs over the years and I also get my Painted Butterfly Caterpillars from here too. I have only ever had trouble with one Praying Mantis egg and they were wonderful with sending me a replacement for the one that didn't hatch.  Insect Lore also has lot of other wonderful items that I am looking into getting to broaden my Science Center. 
So if your looking for something easy and exiting to do with your kiddos I would highly recommend a Praying Mantis egg. 
You and the kids won't be disappointed:)


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