Monday, September 3, 2012

Amphibians in the classroom...

Big Daddy on the way to FIRE Expo

     A great way to check out unusual critter possibilities, is to attend an expo like Repticon. My family usually attends the ones that are within an hour from home. Last weekend, we loaded up and headed out to FIRE in Orlando with "Big Daddy" our bearded dragon, navigating! This trip we focused on amphibians. Our local pet store just went out of business (we are very sad about this) and we were able to purchase great exoterra and zoomed tanks for more than half off. My husband found a website called Josh's Frogs and we ordered everything we would need for some frog habitats. We decided on White's Tree Frogs. Otherwise known as "Dumpy" frogs, these tree frogs are from Australia and Indonesia, and are great for beginners. They eat fruit flies, crickets, and other small insects. It is a calm frog and one of the few that you can actually hold. And I did not realize this until we got home, but they grow up to four inches and live up to sixteen years. :) We have a lot of time to bond. Our two new family members are "Glitzy" and "Olive".

Look closely and you will notice "Olive" in the upper left corner.

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