Saturday, April 7, 2012

Arachnids Need Lovin’ Too

Hi fellow animal lovers. This is Rachel from Views From Room 205, and I teach 2nd grade in little ol’ NC.
We have some odd choices for class pets in our class and I can’t wait to begin sharing about the critters and kiddos on the blog!
A few weeks ago in guided reading my Leaning Tower of Pisa group {yep…we are named for amazing landmarks!} was reading about Arachnids and Insects. They were fascinated with the scorpions..and frankly, so was I.
Enter Sunday
Usual trip through Petco
and I came home with an Emperor Scorpion!
Now, I swore off mammals in the classroom after Wicket {my Mini Lop rabbit}
just too much upkeep for 2nd graders
too much touching temptations
I We already have Harriet {a male tarantula we think…}
and lots of fish in a 20 gallon aquarium
And we have 2 Hissing Cockroaches…after an old teammate’s had babies
fyi-They are wonderful classroom pets!
{you can check out our critters here}
The kids LOVE them and can do all the work! They really take it seriously
So what’s one more arachnid??
I brought him to school Monday morning and they were so absolutely excited!
What’s it’s name? Not sure yet, but I like Virgo…we like “April”…oh geez, no
Will it kill me if I touch it? Would I buy something for school that could kill you…really…? Can we touch it? No, I am not going to touch it and you’re not going to touch it…See those pinchers?
The Lowdown:
The bigger the scorpion, the less venom
Emperor Scorpions, much like Harriet, only cause irritation, not death!
He/She {thinking she…} eats crickets! yay! Just like Harriet, too

Meet Emperor Palpatine
{and yes, my own boys have a Stars Wars thing going on, hence the pet names!}:
Here’s where it hides out. Feeding time comes every other day.

The setup:

20 gallon aquarium
hiding rock from Petco-about $7
shallow water dish from Petco in the crab section-$6
small Zilla brand heater
and I love Zoo Med Eco-Earth coconut fiber substrate. I use a mix of this and the Zoo Med bark in the tarantula cage too.

And just for fun, we have to do some more research. How many kids of mine do you think checked out books about scorpions from the library Monday? Four…because that’s all the library has! Isn't inspiration and excitement what this is totally about!?
I have a little Venn freebie here. Click the picture


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  1. Wow, I love that you brought in a scorpian!! I used to have a python in my class when I first began teaching 20 years ago. My kids loved it. I live in Hawaii now and I haven't thought about a pet until recently. We have Cane Spiders in our class and we have been trying to catch one. That might be our first class pet.
    So happy I found your blog:)

    Surfin' Through Second


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