Monday, January 30, 2012

Writing about Class Pets...

Squirtle the Turtle is longing for some stories....

Last week I opened up to the students that for writing workshop I would like them to write about Squirtle. It could be any form they chose:
Narrative (what they have seen)
Adventure (make believe)
Or any other topic so long as I approved it first. The kids took this idea and ran with it...

Some topics include:
  • Katie wrote a diary entry from Squirtle's point of view in which he decided to break out of his tank!
  • Lilly wrote about Squirtle's adventures at night...did you know he watches TV? He lovesToy Story.
  • Jordan wrote a tongue twister - Squirtle squats by the squirt shore. Turtle twisted toward the tortoise shore.
  • Amber and Tim wrote poems (as did my paraprofessional Tana)
  • Broderick wrote all about how the turtle pees on the floor (this really bother him!)
  • Darlene wrote about how we got him and how old he is...
  • Shane and Robert wrote what they have noticed about him - he came from Petsmart, he is shy, etc...
  • Kayla wrote about him secretly being Oprah!
  • Dean wrote a story about him being a Pharoah (he is currently reading the Red Pyramid series)
All of the topics were wonderful and fun to read...I'll leave you with a few to whet your appetite. Apoem by Tamia...

And a Cartoon by Ben...

Hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures...Come visit me on my blog some time..

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